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Three Ways to Get You Paid Faster



The TradeRoute Advantage Why We're Better

How much does it cost



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Additional Users (Basic and Pro only): $1.50 / per user per month
Credit Cards: From 1.2% per transaction + Learn more
Cheque Deposit: $0.75 per item
Debit Card Rates: 0.50% + $0.50 per transaction + Learn more


Visa and Mastercard set the minimum fees for credit card acceptance. The actual amount you are charged depends on the type of card used. For example, a business rewards card is typically more costly than a Visa check card. On average, a swiped transaction on a normal credit card will cost about 1.6%. Some cards will be cheaper, and others more expensive. For the best rates, make sure the card is swiped whenever possible.
A flat fee of 0.50% + $0.50 applies to most debit transactions. PIN debit transactions are considerably cheaper and safer than credit card transactions. You should run PIN debit transactions whenever possible.